Champion Training Center Group Fitness class, located at 1335 East Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89119 SUITE I is an all level fitness class that rapidly builds lean muscle, incinerates body fat and cranks-up endurance. This supercharged fitness and fat loss program dynamically fuses Cardio training, body-weight exercises, circuit training, and body building to bring you a body you’ve always wanted. We guarantee our professional trainers will increase your flexibility, strength, fat loss, muscle growth and endurance. You’ll workout smarter & faster while your energy skyrockets and your body transforms into the lean, toned, strong, and most importantly healthy form you’ve always wanted.

Your First MSF Champion Group Fitness Class
Once you learn our techniques for proper form and breathing you will be warmed-up and jump in to your very first adult group fitness class. You’ll be able to perfect your exercise form and experience the beneficial group workout that increases body fat burn while dramatically building lean toned muscle.

In order to pull back on body fat you need to burn off more calories in a given day than you are consuming. It’s as simple as that. We will develop a target number of daily calories for you to create a “calorie deficit”. By consistently hitting your calorie target and attending your camps, you should be able to drop between 1-2 pounds of body fat per week.

There is no “magic” to losing body fat, in fact, it takes hard work, discipline and consistency—but, the good news is that it’s the only proven way to create healthy, long-lasting weight loss!

  No matter how capable you are becoming, how loose your clothes are getting or how many compliments your friends give you, many of us judge our fitness progress solely on what our bathroom scale flashes up at us. Wrong! One single measurement that measures overall weight, does not give a true reflection on how well your fitness program is going.

So, we created WEIGH-DAY, our once-a-month fitness testing day, that measures all of your hard-earned progress—including: body measurements and changes in weight as well as fitness improvements in your strength, endurance, stamina, speed and agility.

At McGovern Sport & Fitness we get that most people’s lives need some flexibility, so we have structured our program for you. For very affordable monthly rates, you can attend an UNLIMITED number of Classes.


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